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Introducing thePodge's first foray in to mobile games:

A Zombie Stole My Toaster


Why aren't these zombies interested in my brains? What - get off my stuff! My toaster... My Cactus! Noooo!


Possibly the craziest, weirdest, zombie game you ever played. Use your finger to direct our hero to kill zombies in this new take on the classic zombie genre.


Currently available on Android (so if you have an Android phone or tablet, get it from here).  Coming soon to iPhone and Blackberry Playbook as well as online Flash viral!


We also published Cosmic for our friends over at, so look out for that too!


Look out for more mobile games from thePodge in the very near future!



(A Zombie Stole my Toaster)


Download now for Android


Download now for BlockBerry PlayBook



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Article Posted on Wed, 04 May 2011


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