Play Firebug 2 today!

He's back and on fire! Firebug returns for his second installment of flammable fun.  New hats, skins and worlds to dress him up and pimp the Firebug World.

In addition to all new levels Firebug is joined by new critters and puzzle elements.  New for Firebug 2 is a level editor and the Firebug 2 tournament mode.  Compete with other PodgeWorld members (Not a member yet? - click here to join for free) to be crowned the king of Firebug or just hang around chatting in the lobby. 


What are you waiting for?  Pyromania awaits - Click Here to Play Firebug 2.


Customise your game with tiles and worlds.


 Watch the levels go up in flames and fireworks


 Create your own levels with the level editor.



 Buy hats, critters and more in the shop.



Play Firebug 2




Article Posted on Fri, 18 May 2012


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