Flambo's Inferno

Like Firebug 2?  Like Cartoon Network's Adventure Time?  Then you'll love Flambo's Inferno!


Flambo's Inferno


The follow up to Flambo's Hot Mess, Flambo's Inferno is a commissioned re-skin of Firebug 2, featuring characters from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time cartoon, provided by thePodge.co.uk.


Flambo's Inferno features exclusive hats, skins (called "suits" in this version, Flambo can dress up as other characters from the cartoon) and backdrops from the Adventure Time cartoon series.


There are 6 badges to unlock, ranging from easy (complete a level without collecting any coal) to hard (collect a diamond on every level).


Click Here to play Flambo's Inferno over at CartoonNetwork.com



Article Posted on Thu, 31 Jan 2013


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