Inferno 2: Meltdown Released!

The wait is finally over ... Inferno 2 is here!


The original Inferno was a massive success for us and we were inundated with messages from fans asking about a sequel.  Well we had lots of other ideas we wanted to explore first, but Inferno 2 was always going to happen.



As well as the now familiar fire-fighting robot of the original, we've added some new features and updates.  A lot of people wanted more effective water, so you got it. 


We also added more fire and explosions and generally gave the visuals a make over.  We have new locations, such as the Cinema, Diner, Bowling Alley and a few re-vamped classics, like the Volcano and the Bomb Factory. 


Possibly the biggest new feature is the Fan system, where the fire can spread to other parts of the level through the air ducts and you can also spray through the fans in same way too (also look out for Fan switches - spray them to short out and disable the fan system).


Not to forget the new Gas Pipes - these things are positively lethal!  The whole time they burn they spit out streams of fire all over the surrounding area.  It's a bit like a constant explosion, so make sure you get on to them straight away!


It also seemed natural to integrate the medal system we developed in City Siege, so now you can try and get a gold medal for each level.  The three endings depend on how many levels you got a gold medal on.




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p.s. Look out for v1.1 in the very near future, which will feature 2 whole new levels - Disco Inferno and the Cinema!



Article Posted on Tue, 21 Dec 2010


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