Latest Flash Player Bug

We have found out today that the latest flash player, version appears to have a bug that causes an issue with some of our games.  This flash player was released on the 9th August 2011.


The bug causes the music to play in a continuous, building loop.  If you are experiencing this problem, then please accept our apologies and bear with us while we update our games to fix the problem. 


Unfortuntely, once you have installed the new player, the only way to avoid the issue is to mute the sound on your computer or browser.  In windows, you can access the sound options by clicking the speaker icon, down near your clock at the bottom right of the screen.


We have reported this bug to Adobe, hopefully Adobe will release a new version to fix the bug in the very near future.





The bug has now been fixed in the latest version of Flash Player (  Thanks Adobe for fixing this so quickly!


Click Here to get the latest version



Article Posted on Fri, 12 Aug 2011


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