Get Dibbles now on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Our twisted take on Lemmings is now available for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from the app store.


The game has been fully re-created for the small screen and is more fun than ever!



We always thought Dibbles was perfect for touch creen devices and this successful conversion proves just that.  Simply tap to choose your command stones and then tap on the screen the lay them down - it couldn't get any easier to play. 


The Dibbles then do their usual thing, making their way across the level until they pick up a command at which point, well, you know what happens - they usually end their life in a comedy fasion, all just to create safe passage for their king.


Dibbles Pro Pack and Boom Town also available for download right now from the app store and we have plans for more mobile games coming in the very near future - watch this space!


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Article Posted on Fri, 12 Apr 2013


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